Willowgait Farm Reviews
Knotts Island, NC
Willowgait Farm is a beautiful place where my girls have enjoyed camp every year and learned so much about horses and riding. A truly special place where they have created and will continue to create treasured memories. 
dbruder (03.24.12)

Willowgait Farm is such an amazing place. I spent two summers there as a Camp Counselor as well as a student, and I could not have asked for a more loving or supporting environment! Ms. Carol is truly one of the most influential mentors I have had.
Geordan Vakos (03.03.12) 

My children spend one day a week with Carol at Willowgait Farm. As we live on a rural island, there are no programs for the children. The fact that we have such a wonderful program on the island is amazing luck. It fills a void in the kid's lives
Billy Davis (02.20.12) 

Willowgait is a small horse farm with an owner that just loves what she does and is there to educate the kids that attend. I cannot wait for my grandson to get a little older so he can attend the classes at Willowgait. He loves to visit the horses!
tracymason (02.20.12) 

Miss Carol's programs are fantastic! She teachers her students responsibility and commitment, all cleverly disguised as a horse program that keeps kids interested and engaged. Carol is a fantastic mentor for young people!
LKPotts (02.17.12)

Miss Carol is so wonderful. Her knowledge and love of horses is very evident. She shows my daughter respect and is a superb mentor for her. 
Mensrea320 (02.11.12) 

Carol Molloy generously shares her time and talent to teach children of all ages about good horsemanship. Even more, she mentors good citizenship and character building. This is a wonderful place for young people of all ages. 
West Coast Fan (02.11.12) 

This is a fantastic place for riders of all levels. Carol Molloy is a great teacher and has the perfect horses for safe lessons and riding. ECRider
East Coast Rider (02.09.12) 

What a beautiful place for the children to come and learn. Carol teaches them to respect and care for the animals. She also teaches the children to have self esteem. She has a gift that she shares with all the children who come to her farm. 
cfl (02.07.12) 

Willowgait Farms is a business I can trust my six year old daughter to. It allows her to live out her dreams and because of the way it is run, she is always another step closer to being an independent young woman who can set her goals and reach them.
tomgalford (02.05.12) 

Local business that really gives back to the community and the children. The owner, Carol Molloy, is dedicated to the children and really empowers them to be responsible and independent in all that they do. 
witchwendyb (02.04.12)

This business is dedicated to sharing the love of horses with many children. My niece loves Willowgait Farm and participates in the Barn Rat program.
Shelly (02.04.12) 

Carol Molloy of Willowgait Farms knows how to take passion and knowledge to the consumer in what can only be described as an event. You truly feel as if a grand event is taking place in your life when you become a customer. 
coasthego (02.03.12)

Great place, great people!
lenthasf (02.03.12) 

Willowgait is on a rural, beautiful island and the owner gives affordable lessons to some kids yearly; otherwise, they'd never ride. The kids have a safe, educational, fun time in this safe, clean stables with full supervision.
MFLB (02.03.12)

Love this place! Perfect place  for horse crazy kids.
AidanXavier (01.30.12) 

Willowgait Farm's owner Carol Molloy is the kindest, most caring, knowledgeable horsewoman I have ever met. With all her help, time and training, I am becoming the horsewoman and rider I have always wanted to be.
heventer (01.28.12) 

The owner of Willowgait Farm has a true passion for horses and teaching kids to ride, care for and just have fun with these beautiful animals. Any child is lucky to be a part of her program.
Cindy (01.24.12) 

A barn where young people feel at home and comfortable learning and mentoring.
Pwalf (01.24.12) 

My sister rides horses here, her passion for horses is incredible because of this farm and her instructor. Cassie spends more time at the farm then she does at home because Mrs. Carol genuinely cares for the children she teaches!
Kayla LaBarge (01.23.12)

Willowgait Farm is beatiful. The horses are awesome if you go there you will love it and you will want to live there just please vote
Kylie LaBarge (01.22.12)

Carol's exceptional ability and passion to teach children and adults how to ride and work with horses is a great assett to local business on Knotts Island.
Vince_Rozella (01.21.12) 

My girls have been going to Willowgait for years. My oldest daughter is now a camp counselor in training and she loves it. She has a passion for horses and Carol encourages her passion while teaching her all of the responsilites of being a rider.
Melissa (01.21.12) 

Willowgait Farm is the place i learned to ride at. I love the place, the owner, and the horses with all my heart.
Horzlova (01.21.12) 

We live in an isolated community and Willowgait is a great place for our kids to ride and have fun close to home. Carol is a great teacher who emphasizes knowledge and safety and it would be great if she could expand her business! 
Jen Kane (01.20.12)

Willowgait Farm has been a large part of my children's lives. Living in a rural community where other activities are not easy to participate in due to distance, the Barn Rats program has really filled a void. We are extremely grateful that we have such a facility near our home. Our kids not only participate in this wonderful activity, but they are learning the subject matter properly. Thank you! 
  Sarah  - Feb 24, 2011
As an equine professional for over 30 years, I applaud Willowgait Farm for offering the safest, most complete and thoroughly enjoyable horsemanship instruction packages, that I have ever found. The facility is unrivaled, the horses are extremely well trained and the instructor/student relationships are warm and respectful. When my own children were small, I enrolled them in this program so that they could experience horsemanship through an alternate venue. As teens, they later returned as eager and well trained young assistants. Throughout the many years that my kids returned to Willowgait, their collective experience could not have been more positive, enjoyable or well polished. I highly recommend this riding school as one that will produce superior results, in superior style! SBC 
 - Dec 10, 2010
Top notch facility, with a very creative staff and an owner who is a professional horsewoman and trainer. The farm is located in a quiet, uncongested community that allows the children to concentrate on their instruction and have a great day in the country. 
 m  - Dec 8, 2010
My daughters really enjoyed their week of summer camp at Willowgait. They had a fun time with the different activities provided by Carol. They can't wait to go back next year. 
 james  - Dec 6, 2010
I had no idea what a gift this experience would be for my kids! They are a part of the Barn Rat program and have learned an extreme amount of information on horses including,horse breeds, grooming, safety, proper riding techniques, horse communication, and lots of extra fun stuff too such as learning to draw horses, learn the horse's anatomy etc etc! The owner Carol is very loving toward the children who come here and she is passionate about teaching proper horsemanship to kids of all ages! We just LOVE Willowgait!   
There is no better teacher of horses and horse care than Carol Molloy at Willowgait. She believes in teaching kids the about the whole experience of horse loving, from care to riding and then some. 
   Jennifer  - Dec 5, 2010

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Willowgait! 
Karen  - Dec 6, 2010  

I LOVE Willowgait Farm!!
 Geordan  - Dec 5, 2010
carolinagirls  - Dec 5, 2010
Willowgait Farm is absolutely wonderful!!!! Not only are our daughters learning so much about horses, but they are having so much FUN !!! 
  Liza  - Nov 30, 2010
Wonderful programs, great facility, and fantastic owner. Highly recommend!